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Abbildung Diana System X

Pharma – entry-level or basic equipment

Diana Pharma is the basic or entry-level folder gluer for the pharmaceutical sector and the ideal machine for common pharmaceutical cartons, longitudinal seam and automatic bottom. 

The basic equipment includes our Diana Braille module for the application of Braille text. An alignment module, an ejector, the digital position control of the Braille tools and other options are also standard equipment. This way, even just the basic equipment version of the Diana Pharma will significantly increase your production capabilities. Makeready times of less than 10 minutes including Braille text are realistic. 

With a machine speed of up to 250 m/min or up to 80,000 Braille text applications per hour, Diana Pharma contributes significantly to your production output. 

Like the complete Diana family, the Diana Pharma carries the CE sign and the certified GS quality sign. To find out for yourself what the Diana Pharma can do for you, just contact one of our sales partners in your region.

Data sheet
MK-Diana Pharma

250 m/min machine speed

85 cm working width

Image:Folding cartons checked Standard folding cartons
Image:Normal Lockbottom cartons checked Lockbottom cartons
checked Braille module
250 m/min max. machine speed with embossing function
Peripheral equipment in front of the folder gluer
MK Diana Feeder
Peripheral equipment behind the folder gluer
MK Packing Table MK Diana Easypacker

Location Germany

As a research and development location of folder gluers and peripheral machines, we have a large test center with our own folder gluers and robots.

Our focus in Germany

  • Research & development
  • Folder gluers
  • Handling robots
  • Product management
  • Sales & service support