MK Packing Table

Ergonomic packing aid

Would you like to pack your products manually in shipping cases – efficiently and with a greater output? Then our “MK Packing Table” packing table from MK Masterwork is exactly what you are looking for.

Various setting options allow all the adjustments you need to react ergonomically to the individual height of your operators while also facilitating integration into your existing logistics. Manipulation of the full shipping cases requires almost no effort on the part of the operator. Pneumatic cylinders lift the case to the required height, while ball rollers integrated in the table make it easy to transfer full shipping cases e.g. to the subsequent transport conveyor.

An additional height adjustable stacking table can be used to store other packaging material such as separating or tie sheets or for aligning flat products like folding boxes. Once you have experienced the “MK Packing Table ” packing table, you won’t want to be without it again. Your operators will be happy with you.

MK Packing Table

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Brief overview

> Table with roller balls reduces effort required by the operator
> Simple and easy to adjust to different operator heights
> Height of table can be adjusted using sleeves
> Additional stacking table can be mounted on the right or left
> Table moved up/down via pneumatic foot switch