MK Diana Packer 4.0

MK Diana Packer

Fast packing

The MK Diana Packer 4.0 fully automatically packs your folding cartons into shipping cases after the folder gluer’s compression and delivery station. The number of packing rows and layers can be configured by the user. The MK Diana Packer 4.0 can pack up to 200,000 cartons per hour into shipping cases.

It is operated via a touchscreen display. The settings are calculated automatically after entering the production parameters. In addition to placing the folding cartons onto the closure flap in the shipping case, the right and left turning stations allow the cartons to be placed onto crease lines 2 or 4.

By customer request, handling of the shipping cases can be automated with ACC (Automatic Case Control).

Further Information

Brief overview

> Packing more than 200,000 cartons per hour
> High flexibility: 1 to 5 rows and 1 to 5 layers of cartons per shipping case
> Placement onto closure flap or crease line 2 or 4 possible
> Simple handling: no need for complicated fitting of lid clamps or weights for shipping cases
> Short make-ready times
> Laser system ensures reliable counting
> Semi-automatic sample carton removal