MK Diana Inlet Spotter

MK Diana Inlet Spotter

Two become one

The MK Diana Inlet Spotter allows the production and processing of carry packs for washing powder and two-part packaging at an operating speed of more than 200 meters per hour.

The new timed feeder ensures an exact and reliable assembly of the two package elements. The separate servo drive makes the MK Diana Inlet Spotter more independent of its environment. The addition of a Diana Feeder and an inlet prefeeder can further boost productivity.

Further Information

Brief overview

> Processing of two-part packaging
> Timed feeder allows exact assembly of the two package elements
> Can be used in combination with: Inlet prefeeder, MK Diana Feeder
> Separate servo drive
> Operating speeds of more than 200 m/min
> Total output up to more than 20,000 cartons per hour