MK Diana Easy 85-115

MK Diana Easy 85-115

Professional & productive

The MK Diana Easy is well suited as both a professional entry-level machine and for modern productive folding carton lines. Its flexibility and quality at low investment costs make the MK Diana Easy an appealing choice.

Even the standard version is capable of processing longitudinal-seam, lockbottom and double-wall cartons. To increase its flexibility, the Diana Easy can be upgraded to process 4- and 6-corner cartons. At machine speeds of up to 350 m/min, it is available for two working widths. The Diana Easy can process all standard carton types. All options can be retrofitted at any time, including, for example, the 4- or 6-corner device and the inline ejector.

Like all devices of the Diana family, the MK Diana Easy 85/115 carries the CE sign and the certified GS quality sign. To find out for yourself what the MK Diana Easy can do for you, just contact one of our sales partners in your region.

Further information

Brief overview

> Machine speeds up to 350 m/min
> Universal folder gluer for all types of carton
> Easy access
> Short retooling times
> Low energy consumption

Can be used in combination with

> Diana Feeder
> Diana Feeder with Stack Turner
> Diana Easy Packer
> Diana Packer 4.0 – packaging system for folding cartons at up to 200,000 pce./h


Optional add-ons

> 4-/6-corner device
> Inline ejector
> and much more